Axis Bank Travel Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use Axis Bank Travel Card Login:

1. Enter the following in your browser's URL:

2. In the Internet Banking panel just below the search box, click the arrow beside Login and choose Travel Currency Card.

3. Click Login to go to the next page.

4. Fill out the text boxes for Login ID and Password.

5. Click Submit to finish.



Problems occur whenever you login? Follow these steps to obtain your Password:

1. Click Forgot Password? link.

2. Type in your Login ID on the text box provided.

3. Click Submit to continue.

4. Complete onscreen instructions to finish.


Problems still occur whenever you login? Contact Axis Bank directly to assis you with Axis Bank Travel Card Login.


(022) 2425 2525


For lost Credit Card

Call on Toll Free numbers - 1800 233 5577 or 

1800 209 5577 or 1800 103 5577


For lost Debit Card

Call 022-67987700


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